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Locally in Tulsa. See our story. 

Our Story

Below are our flagship brews that always in production. Come by and pick up a 4-Pack of your favorite flagship. Variety packs also available. 

Indian Wheat

This traditional Southern German Hefeweizen is brewed in accordance to the Reinheitsgebot of 1516, but is then violated substantially with the addition of a special ingredient that provides peppery and floral notes to this beer’s already banana and clove character. Our little version of India!

Renaissance Gold

Highly drinkable German style golden ale that can be enjoyed by everyone. Light noble hops and a clean crisp pilsner malt body produce a great beer to enjoy for all occasions. Live the Golden Rule!

Black Gold

A hybrid stout inspired by the English as well as the Irish dosed with Fuggles and Goldings hops as well as hefty additions of black patent and roasted barley. However, we also like to call it a chocolate stout because of the chocolaty goodness provided by the chocolate roasted malt. Expect this beer to see some time in whiskey barrels with additions of cherries, chocolate nibs, coffee and whatever else we can come up with. Once Black, no turning back!

Gamma Ray IPA

Not for the faint of heart, but also not as offending as many IPAs on the market today. Bittering hops have a place and so do the Aroma and Flavor Hops and we prefer to balance these out the best we can. Traditionally brewed in a west coast style with five traditional hop varieties, this beer does the trick for all hop lovers out there. Just be careful because if you drink too many, you may just turn into a mean, green, monster!

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